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Dr. Adrienne Danyelle Oliver

Culturally Relevant Writing Coach

Transformative Editor

Are you working on a major writing project? Major as in life-changing, career-shifting, up-leveling your life type of project? Such project might be a thesis to complete your master's degree or a dissertation to complete your doctorate. Or a memoir connecting all the important themes in your life that led you to the awesomeness you've arrived at today. 


If this sounds like you, hit me up! I love helping writers (and those who don't consider themselves writers) polish their professional writing while preserving their unique voice. 

Adrienne Danyelle Oliver, MFA, Ed.D., is a professor of Creative Writing and Composition, a well-being writing coach, and founder of The 808 Cure and Black Gold Storytellers. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership, and in her coaching she helps BIPOC clients to heal from racial and socioeconomic trauma so they can share their stories with the world.


What's the "808?"

Inspired by the 808 drum machine popularly used in the early days of hip hop, the name of this circle is a nod to the power of collective creation and support from a likeminded community.

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