aka Dr. A Oliver the Hip Hop Scholar

I've always been a creative person marching to a slow, contemplative bass drum, a mellow 808--the kind you feel rattling your car speakers, car seat, and your heart beat...a steady complement to the sounds of life around me. I'm so fortunate to live & work in a space that affords me the creative breathing room to check the rhyme and keep flowing. It was/is a long road...I'm happy to share some of the kickstands that keep me steady on the path. Take a look around my site and let your own drum guide you to the place you feel called to tap in.


I am a healing writing coach who helps Black women heal through coaching and guided journaling experiences, and I help all Black writers and leaders to put their work out into the world, whether that is through writing their first memoir, advocacy work, or facilitating their own healing writing circles.



 I help Black women and men to heal from the psychic wounds associated with racial and socioeconomic traumas, through guided journaling exercises and deep, judgement free listening, so that they can share their stories with the world and contribute to the liberation of their communities.


Why hip hop? Hip hop is a culture characterized by 10 distinct elements 


  • Graffiti Art

  • Deejaying 

  • Emceeing 

  • Breaking (b-boying/b-girling)

  • Knowledge

  • Street Fashion

  • Stree Entreprenuerialism

  • Street Language 

  • Beatboxing 

  • Health & Wellness 


Many are not aware of its culture, as mainstream society has chosen rap as the primary mode of interacting with hip hop. Increased corporatization and consumerism have led to a gross distillation and capitalization of this particular element. Higher education can help us critique what's happening. Rap has grown to a global phenomenon, which warrants a closer study of hip hop culture. 


  • 808 Cure Women's Healing Writing Circle









  • Creativity Coaching

Have you always wanted to keep a journal but don't know where to start? Or maybe you have a book that you’ve always wanted to write? Ready to tell your story and write your memoir? This service helps to clear blocks that are clouding up your creativity. I’ll provide guided writing prompts to gently confront and unblock any psychic wounds that are getting in the way of your expression.