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I am offering a safe and nurturing space to support Black scholars in their writing process.To start, I’m offering spaces for Black women who live at the intersection of being marginalized by race, gender, age and other unseen factors such as learning differences or physical disability and/or ailments brought on by stress or racial battle fatigue. I am also offering one-on-one support for all women of color impacted by academic exclusion of indigenous and immigrant voices in the American scholarship.

The 808 Cure, Healing and Writing Circle for Black Women

The 808 Cure is a Healing Writing incubator for Black women who are currently pursuing or have completed an advanced degree in literature or the social sciences. Whether you're working on a dissertation or a creative thesis, this healing circle will offer guided writing and editing services. For writers who have completed a thesis or dissertation, this healing circle will serve as a pathway to transforming that work into a published book. Whether at the beginning or end of the academic journey, this five-month program offers support and community throughout the process of writing with the intent to share your work with the world. Monthly writing services and weekly coaching will help writers develop a project that is community centric and deeply resonate with the Black experience. Writers who complete the program will also be eligible for editorial services. Below are a list of the types of writing I can help you develop within this healing space:
Professional Writing    
  • Academic research 

  • Dissertation writing 

  • Thesis writing 

  • Non-fiction writing 

    • professional essay​

    • personal narrative essay 

    • memoir

  • Grant Writing

Creative Writing   
  • Poetry 

  • Novel

  • Short Story

The 808 Cure, Journeys
The 808 Cure, Journeys is a coaching program for women of color who are  aspiring to pursue or currently pursuing an advanced degree in literature or the social sciences. Whether at the application stage or deep into your studies, this approach is for you if you're seeking an understanding and experienced academic writer and editor who can support your process. Below is a list of the types of support I can provide in a healing space: 
Academic Entrance
  • College applications 

  • Personal Statements

  • Writing Samples & Portfolio

  • Resume/CV 

Academic Pathways
  • Essays (Literary & Social Sciences)

  • Research Papers (all disciplines) 

Academic Professional 

  • Journal Articles 

  • Research Strategies

  • Book Proposals

Research Strategy
Content Creation
Writing Support



re you working on a major writing project? Major as in life-changing, career-shifting, up-leveling your life type of project? Such project might be a thesis to complete your master's degree or a dissertation to complete your doctorate. Or a memoir connecting all the important themes in your life that led you to the awesomeness you've arrived at today. 


If this sounds like you, hit me up! I love helping writers (and those who don't consider themselves writers) polish their professional writing while preserving their unique voice. 

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dr. adrienne danyelle oliver


what's the '808'?

Inspired by the 808 drum machine popularly used in the early days of hip hop, the name of this circle is a nod to the power of collective creation and support from a likeminded community.



y favorite thing about The 808 Virtual Healing and Writing Circle for Black Women is the warmth I felt my very first time joining. There is sisterly love and support and we can hear, see, and feel each other grow personally and creatively. We use each other's energies to transform ourselves. Today I still feel this warmth, love, and acceptance. There's consistency here.

Testimonial from Tiye T.
The idea of healing and writing has always been of interest to me. However, there were limited spaces for writers who look like me. The writing circle really empowered my focus on my writing style and values.

Testimonial from Patty F. 


I absolutely enjoy my evenings in the 808 writing circle. It is a sacred and magical space where I can connect with sisters from all over the US. I love writing as a communal activity and in the 808 I get to feed off the energy of Black women in a safe place where our voices can reverberate unapologetically, honestly and we can be vulnerable without judgment. 

Testimonial from Coffy D. 



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adrienne danyelle oliver,  MFA, Ed.D., is a professor of Creative Writing and Composition, a healing writing coach, and founder of Write Avenue and the 808 Cure Women's Healing Writing Circle. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership, and in her coaching she helps BIPOC clients to heal from racial and socioeconomic trauma so they can share their stories with the world.

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